Day 1

Ill count this as my first post. Its a thursday night at 6:35 and I just got home from class. Today was one of the lighter days. Economics in the morning and Genre Studies at night. I am enrolled in 4 classes currently, each of which meeting 2 times a week. Monday I have 3 classes, Tuesday Friday and Wednesday I have 1, and Thursday I have 2. Pretty basic. Im not totally in love with all of my classes but being a first semester freshmen i dont really have much choice. My other classes are Business Calculus, and Human Subjects in Research. Of all the classes my least favorite has to be calc. Between endless confusing hours studying, and a teacher who flies through the class, it is very hard to maintain a decent grade there. On top of my list would be Economics. Ive always found business interesting and as you will find, I have a business oriented mind and am always thinking of things from a business perspective. Anyways enough about class and more onto the fun stuff. And this is where we run into misconception #1. College is not all fun and games. Its not like in the movies where you see models walking around and kegs lined up. Yes, there are parties and yes there are girls, but most kids at this school go out a night or two a week. Thursday night on my campus is not a very big drinking night. Most kids just hang out with friends or do work. I can usually be found on my floor hanging with my friends or fooling around on my computer with my friends. To me college is more about the friendship and the bonds that you make living with people, and less about the beer. I think thats enough about today.

Every day I will try to post about my day, and then post a misconception that media and the general public has about college students. Occasionally I will post a proverb that I have found useful in life, but I will try to stick to college stuff.

So long for now, CL

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